E-Learning Module

Quiz Unit 5

Q1. What makes up the equipment? 

a. Props and atmosphere
b. Story and detailed scenario 
c. Riddles and puzzles

Q2. In the context of ER, how should design be defined?

a. Seeking to acquire a body of knowledge through intellectual work or experience
b. Seek to create new objects (or environments) that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally appropriate
c. To grasp the meaning of something 

Grain 21:

Q3About red herrings… 

a. They should be used with caution, players might see them as a waste of time.
b. They can be considered interesting when they require a short resolution time or can add something to the game (humorous side, learning contents, etc).
c. All of the above 

Q4. The objects present in the scene are more effective if:

a. They are both concrete and metaphorical
b. They can stimulate the imagination, being abstract
c. They are slightly in contrast with the setting, to intrigue the user more 

Q5The space has to be considered: 

a. Important but not as the narrative construction
b. A neutral element
c. Not a container but a generator of events

Grain 22:

Q6. What is a video?

a. A dramatic work set to music with lyrics sung
b. A technique for recording and viewing a sequence of moving images
c. Work of painting carried out on a canvas, on a wooden panel  

Q7. Which of the following is not an indispensable criterion for the educational video? 

a. The instructional video must be in colour 
b. The pedagogical intention must be clear 
c. The concepts concerned must be distinct

Q8What does the H5P software allow you to create? 

a. An interactive video
b. A 360° video
c. Animated GIFs 

Grain 23: 

Q9. How does augmented reality based on overlays work? 

a. It works by object recognition
b. With geolocation
c. It detects and responds to human interaction

Q10. What is augmented reality? 

a. Uses the real world to display information in the real world.
b. Immerses the user in a virtual world modeled in 3D
c. Records video in all directions at the same time 

Q11. How does marker-based augmented reality work? 

a. It uses localization
b. It detects and responds to human interaction
c. By scanning a QRCode

Grain 24: 

Q12What is the other name used to talk about immersive video? 

a. Interactive video
b. Spherical video
c. Video with subtitles 

Q13The immersive video technique allows you to record a video from an angle of how many degrees? 

a. 180°
b. 90°
c. 360°

Q14. Which of the following propositions cannot be controlled when projecting an immersive video? 

a. Color
b. Reading speed
c. Management

Grain 25: 

Q15. What does the category of soundscape include? 

a. Photography and drawing
b. Video and music
c. Music and sound effects 

Q16What is sound design? 

a. Discipline that aims at harmonizing the human environment
b. The art of using sound elements to achieve an effect
c. Getting an image of something with a camera 

Q17What does the Voice Changer platform allow you to do? 

a. Create sound effects and modify online voices in various models
b. Creating music with instruments
c. Playing karaoke


Q1: a
Q2: b

Grain 21

Q3: c
Q4: a
Q5: c

Grain 22

Q6: b
Q7: a
Q8: a

Grain 23

Q9: a
Q10: a
Q11: c

Grain 24

Q12: b
Q13: c
Q14: a

Grain 25

Q15: c
Q16: b
Q17: a