A third meeting in October 2020

The third meeting of the Steamer project also took place remotely. During this morning, we evaluated the progress of outputs 1, 2 and 3 as well as the production steps to follow. The partner CitadaSkola, leader of output 4 (Scenarios and lessons packages) presented the objectives of the output and the workflow. The Printers presented the production schedule for output 5, the Steamer generator. We concluded the meeting on the next steps of the project and the objectives already achieved.

A remote meeting of the remote steering committee

The second meeting that was to take place at Liepāja at the partner CitadaSkola was held at a distance due to the global health crisis. During this morning of exchanges, we discussed the progress of the educational guide with the leader of this output, Logopsycom. We continued with the presentation of the writing schedule for output 2, the creation guide, by the leader of this output, Work in Progress. The partner Citizens In Power also presented the schedule for the implementation of the e-learning module. Finally, we quickly discussed the objectives of outputs 4 and 5 before concluding on the current results of the project and the steps to follow.