Escape rooms


You will find here 16 different ready-to-use packages of Escape rooms on STEAM with the corresponding lessons.
Escape rooms are
 accompanied by pedagogical explanations in order to be ready-to-use in your classroom.
Each package will be presented with:

  • the scenarios,
  • the riddles and challenges,
  • the hints,
  • the printable graphic material and digital tools (for instance: QR code, AR animation, digital documents, etc) needed. 

Download one of our Escape room and try it by yourself!

The Locked Wine Cellar

Science behind winemaking and the basic chemical compounds needed to produce wine.

Chemical Formula of Happiness

The young chemists will have to decode the locks on the drawers from Krišjānis Barons cabinet of dainas, which were stolen and hidden in a closet. The drawers contain the pieces of Unesco object, among which according to the chemists there is a hidden formula of ancient ingredient for a happiness and joy recipe.

The Mona Lisa has disappeared

Discover major works of historical and cultural heritage and the artistic practices associated with them (e.g., Georges DE LA TOUR and the chiaroscuro technique).

Back to the Future

Students got accidentally stranded in 1830 during the revolution. They need to build a contraption to recharge the timeship battery in under an hour otherwise they will be stuck in 1830 forever.

Useful Bacteria

Students have to use their knowledge about useful bacteria to find the only food that can restrict the development of a pandemic agent.

The revenge of the Ghost

Professoressa Guidobaldi, an Italian expert in medieval history and your friend, is asking for your help. In a beautiful medieval building in central Italy something incredible and inexplicable is happening and mathematical skills are needed to recover an ancient formula…

Math escape from beheading

The player’s mission is toall the Math puzzle placed in the room with the ultimate goal of finding the key that will help Hadjigeorgakis escape from beheading.

Icarus was real!?

Entering the ‘Portal’ to the year 1670, the students have an opportunity to save local Icarus from being burnt for the attempt to fly, as it was considered an act of black magic. If they find some proofs that the flight was possible, Icarus should be saved.

Research under pressure!

The players’ mission is to solve all the riddles placed in the room. By solving these riddles in less than 60 minutes, they will reach the ultimate goal: to open the doors of the subway car before the radioactivity threshold becomes critical.

The Internet is hacked…

Somewhere in the Mundaneum there is a link that activates the antivirus and updates the Internet to the version before the hacker’s attack. If students find and activate it, they will save the Internet. Students need to hurry – hackers just have started their search online. Who will be first?

The Plane crash

The player’s will revise the basic Physical quantities: velocity, acceleration, distance, energy, pressure, force, and solve the puzzles to prevent the plane that they are boarding from crashing down.

The Mysterious will

The famous astrophysicist Margherita Hack wrote a very particular clause in her will: a mysterious box must be given to a group of students who will show a particular interest in astronomy. After several years from her death, Notary De Matteis has finally identified the right class … yours!

The Theft of La Gioconda – Biology edition

Participants will be a team of Biology students (aged 14-18) acting as police officers assigned to solve the mystery. The players’ mission is to solve all the Biology puzzles placed in each station with the ultimate goal of discovering the identity of the Mona Lisa thief from the list of suspects.

The terrifying and edible beauty of Art Nouveau Architecture

Students will solve Salvador Dali and Antoni Gaudi enigmas about Art Nouveau, to create and write the Art Nouveau Manifest.

The Nuclear catastrophe

The player’s will understand the concept of radioactivity, the impact of radioactivity on human health and biological systems and learn about the achievements of Marie Curie. They will need to solvin the puzzles to prevent a imminent nuclear catastrophe…

The Roman treasure

An archaeologist has been hosted in your school to study an ancient Roman treasure, away from prying eyes. Many are interested in the treasure, and an unscrupulous collector wants to steal it. You will be the allies of the archaeologist who, having been kidnapped, left the task of saving the treasure to you!