Implementation guide


The aim of the implementation guide is to display the results of the STEAMER project with feedbacks on the successes and challenges of the different steps.

The files provided are under the format of sheets or “fiches” provided by all the partners of this project.

You will find two different kinds of sheets:
• Return of experience sheets
• Guidelines to implement those pedagogical tools in your own class.

Are you ready to begin?

Return of experience sheets








What does the teacher need to prepare (for the
creation of the ER) beforehand?

In terms of preparation of the Escape Rooms, the majority of the teachers who realised the tests of our ready-made Escape Rooms agreed that it is essential to properly read, print and study the materials of the ER beforehand and sufficiently in advance so that they may anticipate the need for certain tools such as locks, boxes, etc, or the need to create some of the materials…

How to communicate with the school’s infrastructure and colleagues?

Communication with the school infrastructure can be especially useful if the teacher needs a room with specific requirements. This can be a requirement to have bare walls in order to be able to hang decorations and pictures easily…

What potential partnerships with external actors/parents/stakeholders can you make and how?

Few of the teachers that participated in the tests of the Escape Rooms established partnerships with exterior stakeholders. The Italian teachers invited actors to help them implement their ER and create a more immersive experience for the pupils…

How to prepare the ER session with the students?

There are several points to consider in terms of preparation with students. All teachers agreed that the main preparation to make with the students is to go over or revise the class materials that are involved in the ER.

What are the practical implementation tips (room setup, etc.)?

First of all, the majority of teachers that participated in the tests insisted on the importance of the preparation phase. The teachers suggested printing and preparing all the material beforehand, for example a week before the ER, as well as spending enough time on setting up the room…

What do you need to address in the safety measures and/or rules?

Most teachers didn’t identify a lot of safety measure during the tests. The reason being that most tests happened in a classroom and thus, were adapted for hosting children already. However, a few points were raised…

How to capitalise on the ER after the escape room?

The ER is always geared towards an end-goal that is decided by the teacher beforehand, so a portion of the successful capitalisation of the ER depends on how well this end-goal was prepared…