ABCD code task

Students must correctly answer the four ABCD questions. Correct answers will give them a four-digit code.
Does it require an electronic device? No

1. Students receive a worksheet with questions. Each question has four answer suggestions.

2. The answers are not marked with the letters ABCD. Numbers were used instead of letters.

Example version simple:

Example version advanced – letters to alphabetic numbers
(a=1, z=26)

instead of letter A, number 9,

instead of letter B, number 6,

instead of letter C, number 2,

instead of letter D, number 3.

If we need number 9 – letter I

If we need number 6 – letter F

If we need number 2 – letter B

If we need number 3 – letter C

3. Simple version: after selecting the answer, students receive four digits – this is the code.

Advanced version: after selecting the answer, students receive four letter code. Each letter should be converted to a number. The number of the appropriate letter is its order in the NAVO alphabet:

A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4, E=5, F=7, G=8, H=9

*Attention! in this case there is no 0

4. The code opens the padlock with the next puzzle / element needed, etc.

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