The Delta Works, The Oosterscheldekering 

You are interns at the Delta Works. Your supervisors are all absent to attend a scientific conference. It was supposed to be a sunny day but unfortunately a storm occurs and according to the computer’s predictions, in an hour the country will be flooded. You are the only ones who can close the doors of the dam and prevent the flood. 

The Delta works are dams and surge barriers that prevent floods in the Netherlands. The altitude of this country is below the sea level. This is why it very likely for them to have disastrous floods. So, they created the Delta works to protect the country. The Oosterscheldekering is most popular dam of the Delta works due to its monumental size, its innovative hydraulic technology and its construction. 

As interns, you are not familiar with the procedure needed to close the doors of the dam. It is crucial though because two thirds of the Neverlands are below sea level. Due to the storm, it is not possible to call anyone for help or instructions. You have to follow the clues all by yourself to decode the way to reach the button that closes the doors. Some knowledge about science, meteorology, geometry and geography will seem very useful to you.