Protect the secret invention 

We are during World War II. A German spy has collected information about the RADAR of Robert Watson Watt. As members of the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) during the Second World War (also known today as MI6 today), you must find the briefcase of the spy, in his absence and destroy the information before it reaches the high spheres of the German military. 

During World War II, Robert Watson Watt was asked to protect the nation from the Nazi’s aircrafts by the British government. He developed a machine able to detect an aircraft in flight before it was visible. He called this RADAR (Radio Detection and Ranging) as it used radio waves. The Nazis have spies everywhere, so one of them achieved to collect information about this machine. You must go into his house and look everywhere for clues concerning the location of his briefcase. Letters in his office, keys and numbers will be useful for you to find it and also to break the code of its lock. According to your sources, he should be back from his evening errands in an hour max. You need to find and destroy the evidence before he is back.