Priekules Icarus

In 1670, a local craftsman, a blacksmith made wings and made an attempt to fly as a bird. Even though he didn’t reach far, he was taken to court and burnt as a magician. What if we happen to enter his room before he is burnt and save him ?

You are on exchange Erasmus+ trip visiting a small Latvian town. Your partner school is located in a castle, which belonged to the Corfu, a duke of Germany and his wife. The castle is quite boring except for the beautiful valley with a little river in front of it. Behind the river, on the hill there is a church with a tall tower and a rooster on its pick. The rooster can be seen from everywhere in the town, it feels that the rooster is watching you wherever you are… Puzzled, you suggest to visit the tower, which turned out to be possible the same afternoon. The local municipality’s lady handed your group the two rusty keys and proudly announced that Icarus flew out the window of the tower. Icarus? But you know that old Greek legend by heart and smiling politely to the lady, you all head up to the tower.

Not many people have been here recently! Narrow and steep iron staircase is filthy and smells of fumes. The church was built in 1683, it says, but everything doesn’t look really old, but even modern. And what is this second key for? You go up and up, it is getting darker and narrower. The end of stairs, no light, not even the window, the lady had mentioned…. What is that low sound? Everyone is listening, but nothing… No, again! The sound comes from the thick wall. You grope the wall in the darkness and find a doorknob and a keyhole. Aha, the door and the second key! You open it and all of you enter quite a big for a tower room. An old computer is here and it is still working!