More than Colours

An Escape Labyrinth in an Art gallery of Mark Rothko. It may be a very long route if just to watch the colours. It should be a short and exciting path if see more than just colours.

Rothko did not sit easily with the world, he was always searching for an escape. You, as well, are trapped in an Art gallery of Rothko. You have 60 min to investigate, analyse and escape with the Rothko art works. Some paintings are only the windows to the world, others-are just shapes that lead nowhere, but only one is the real door to the real world. This one painting will give you the key to the exit, the word, which is not only the exit ticket but the meaning of all the existence of humanity, according to Rothko. Here, you have some hints from the Master:

“If you are only moved by colour relationships, you are missing the point. I am interested in expressing the big emotions – tragedy, ecstasy, doom.”

“Ideas and plans that existed in the mind at the start were simply the doorway thorough which one left the world in which they occur.”

Each painting is an enigma, which when being solved, will provide you with a number or a symbol, which will also take you through the monumental world of this great artist. Each painting has got a quote to give you a hint, each painting has got emotions and … numbers. Keep your eyes and hearts open!