Infinitive Mathematics of Escher

Symmetry and asymmetry or isometry. Algebra and Geometry captured in images may drive you crazy but with limited time and limited infinity you should be able to escape!

Man is incapable of imagining that time could ever stop. For us, even if the earth should cease turning on its axis and revolving around the sun, even if there were no longer days and nights, summers and winters, time would continue to flow on eternally. … Anyone who plunges into infinity, in both time and space, further and further without stopping, needs fixed points, mileposts, for otherwise his movement is indistinguishable from standing still. There must be stars past which he shoots, beacons from which he can measure the distance he has traversed. He must divide his universe into distances of a given length, into compartments recurring in an endless sequence. Each time he passes a borderline between one compartment and the next, his clock ticks. … (M. C. Escher)

Instead of infinity you will have only 60 min to solve the infinite enigmas left to us by M. C. Escher. But don’t walk in the created by him world alone, take a friend along who might take you out to the exit before you are totally lost in never ending ladders.