Image for a Science

Try to use your imagination and give the paintings by Mark Rothko names of science, find this science riddle, solve the science puzzle, get the code, open the right box and you are almost free with 6 more little steps….

You are in the Art Gallery of Mark Rothko. The monumental paintings are not just paintings, they are hidden… sciences. You know, sciences have their own “faces”, images. Look at any Rothko’s piece of Art? Can you see it, that it is not just a lot of paint spread on the largest canvas? Move a bit further away from the painting. Then come closer, very close and then step aside. If you look more thoroughly, you will recognise the science image. Find a riddle that is of this science and solve it. The solution will be the code to…one of the 7 boxes, but you have to guess which one. All the boxes are alike, but watch out every single tiny scratch or fault, which will be the clue. When you open a box, there will be one piece of the information you need to find the exit key. When all the pieces of information are put together, then you found your exit key! Don’t forget to say goodbye to each science personally!