Find the missing structures!

We are going back in time to 1945 when chemists were trying to discover the atomic structure of chemical elements. The British government has given you 45 minutes to solve the chemistry puzzles, find the structure of penicillin and insulin and help Dorothy Hodgkin win the Nobel Prize.

The British government is rushing to award the Nobel Prize for Chemistry because WW2 is currently underway and there is no telling what will happen. They want to make sure that the person who receives the price is worthy. You know that Dorothy Hodgkin is the person who is perfectly suitable for the prize, but you need to help her out by solving some chemistry puzzles first. She needs your help to finalize the structure of insulin and penicillin, solve all the puzzles and inform the government in time before they reach their decision. To reach them, you need the secret 5-digit letter code and a phone number hidden in the chemistry puzzles inside the room. When solved, players will be able to use these codes to reach the government and help Dorothy Hodgkin win the Noble Prize for chemistry!