Escaping a beheading with a key

The Ottoman conquerors in Cyprus are out to get the Dragoman as he gained a lot of wealth in a short amount of time and they are jealous of him. Find the key inside his mansion and help him escape his beheading.

Hadjigeorgakis was sitting in his backyard when a message from the future appeared before him. A group of humans from 2021 is trying to warn him that the Ottoman conquerors in Cyprus will kill him, and because they sincerely appreciate him for his contribution to Cypriot architecture, they want to help him out. The Ottomans have strategically placed mathematical puzzles inside his mansion that need to be solved before the time runs out. Players need to solve the puzzles to find the key that will help Hadjigeorgakis escape from his mansion through a secret underground tunnel. Players have 45 minutes to search and solve all puzzles that will lead them to a key. Finding the key will signal the end of the mission. Help Hadjigeorgakis escape from his beheading!