Broken satellites

The city’s satellite images have been broken. Use Pythagoras’ notes to calculate lengths and areas of the buildings to improve the city’s floorplan.

The city’s satellite image system has been broken. The satellite images are no longer able to calculate the areas of certain key buildings in the city and the length of the sides of each building. Contractors in the area will not be able to properly estimate the distance from other buildings if they do not have these measurements. You need to use Pythagoras’ notes and guidance to make exact calculations of the required measurements using the satellite images. We have indicated which measurements are vital to calculate, at least until the service is fixed. Once you are done, enter these in the software connected to the satellite service and these will be automatically synced in. Manual entries will help the software become automatically fixed and restore the issue in no time. If you cannot figure this out quickly you will cause an even bigger disruption in the city. Hurry up, the contractors start work in 50 minutes, can you make it?