Beautiful but poisonous

A dog is brought to a vet clinic with symptoms of digestive system poisoning (vomiting, diarrhea). His recovery is in the hands of a group of medical internships (our students), who have to find the cause of the condition by dealing with a set of tasks.

After a long walk in the heart of a Bulgarian forest a man’s dog starts vomiting and suffers from diarrhea. Worried for the dog’s live the owner brings him to a vet. In the clinic a group of medical internships (our students) are on their first workday. They have to identify the cause for the dog’s condition by going through a set of tasks in the area of biology, Botanics and medicine. They have to come up with the idea that what has been previously consumed by the dog is the origin of the health inconvenience in one hour. (A snowdrop- Leucojum aestivum).