All the truth

A true story at the base of a mystery to be solved!

The young physicist Ettore Majorana was for Enrico Fermi the “most brilliant pupil”. He was part of his research group (called “The Boys of Via Panisperna”) who discovered, among other things, the property of slow neutrons in nuclear physics. From their discovery started the construction of the first nuclear reactor and, subsequently, the atomic bomb. Just before disappearing into thin air, Ettore had been gloomy and thoughtful for some time. His friends advised him to take a rest and he decided to embark for Sicily … but he never appeared again, much to the sorrow of Enrico Fermi. Despite some of his messages and telegrams and some sightings, no one was able to formulate a reliable hypothesis about his disappearance. But… in an ancient convent, someone has kept in all these years a letter where the whole truth is written! The document is protected by a series of puzzles. Now you are there and you could reveal an important truth about a much debated historical story! But the old caretaker of the convent is not very happy with this interference and only gives you an hour to find what you are looking for! Then he will force you to go out with his abrupt and rude ways…

Note for the construction of the ending: The writer Leonardo Sciascia formulates his theory in the novel The Disappearance of Majorana, assuming that Majorana retired to a convent following the intuition about the possible development of the atomic bomb and the disastrous consequences that could have resulted from it.