A Human Chain of Book Lovers

It may never happen again but once you got locked in the library storage room. Bibliography is a science too, but you may need a lot of STEAM skills to escape!

You are a group of young people helping the library, taking books from the old library to the new one in the Human Chain of Book Lovers. You were asked to put the books on the shelves in random order but neatly to be well seen to sort the books later on. All of a sudden, there was a kick, as for an earthquake and all the shelves swung but stayed, but the books as within a command slid onto the floor. Piles of books, mountain of books. Should we call for help, someone wondered. But now you realise, that the door is blocked too. What is the joke for? Hey, you call, hey! No one hears you, as this room is in the basement You look around and now you see the sign on the thread coming from the lamp on the ceiling: “The key is in the room; not all the books are books!” The library will be closed in 60 min, so you have quite a short time to search, to solve and to find the keys to break out this basement library storage.