Spreadsheet to complete

Hide clues in a spreadsheet by encrypting it with questions.
Correct answers give access to the clue.
Does it require an electronic device? Yes

In this example, we’ll use the word-processing software LibreOffice but it is possible to make the same manipulation with other software such as Microsoft Excel or Numbers.

  • Open a new document with the spreadsheet software.
  • In column A, add the questions you want to ask. In column B, the players can fill in the answers. The clue will appear in the column C.
  • In column C, on the line below the questions add the following formula:

=IF(AND(B2=”answer B2″;B3=”answer B3″;B4=”answer B4″;etc.); “YOUR INDEX”; “Wrong answer”)

When the document is opened, the players will see the text “Wrong answer”. By filling in the correct answers, the text becomes a clue thanks to the formula.

Feel free to add a line indicating the procedure for writing the answers, for example: write in capital letters, write without accents, etc.

  • Save your document by clicking on the File tab and then Save as.
  • Your file is saved.
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