Wrong Virus

In Virotherapy Centre laboratory an assistant spilled a liquid with potentially harmful virus. As the preserved viruses stay approximately an hour inactive, you have to prove it is inactive with formulas and chemical reactions to avoid 40 day quarantine in the same lab.

The Virotherapy centre has found the viruses that kill human tumours. There are so many of them! But only 5 such viruses are harmless to a human body while others destroy cancer cells and human organ cells along. During the experiment one of the assistants mixed the viruses by mistake and spilled the content of the bottle all over the table, which means all your team will have to stay in quarantine for 40 days in the lab. As all preserved viruses stay inactive for 60 min you still have a chance to escape the lab safely. The most important thing to make sure the virus is still inactive! For this you will need to solve a range of chemical equations, to watch and observe chemical reactions, to solve a couple of maths problems, to fill the information in a chart, which will give you the codes to escape the lab.