Treasure Hunt at The Natural History Museum

It’s time for the annual Biology class trip at the Natural History Museum in London. Play the treasure hunt and be awarded a whole afternoon with the hidden specimens of Charles Darwin found in the deepest, darkest, and most secret vaults of the museum.

Your Biology teacher has organized your classroom’s annual trip to the Natural History Museum in London. This time, he/she has made sure to add the best surprise for everyone at the end. Follow the treasure hunt that has been set up for you, filled with clues and riddles about Charles Darwin and his work. Be prepared to search even in the most unlikely places and think like Darwin! From natural selection to the theory of evolution, from the HMS Beagle to the “Origin of Species”, you will find yourselves immersed in his universe. The treasure hunt is a challenge but at the end of it you will find a big prize. Solve all the puzzles and you will have a chance to explore some of Darwin’s and other great scientists’ hidden animal specimens in the most secret collection of the entire museum, hidden in the deepest and darkest vaults – the Tank Room. Get hunting!