Total black out!

A geomagnetic storm caused by the solar wind is about to generate a global electric blackout! Save your country by accessing an alternative energy source!

The solar wind is pointing towards the earth: a geomagnetic storm is on the way! There are fears of a global electric blackout that could last for weeks! The only way to prevent the general blackout from hitting your country is to access a very powerful alternative energy source, available at Fermilab where Anna Grassellino’s team works on Superconducting Quantum Materials and Systems. The whole world is in turmoil, we need to act quickly! There is only an hour to get to the password that will allow you to access the device that will allow your country not to run out of electricity for days on end, with disastrous consequences for everyone! However, the security systems have been set up with an access control process: the password can be obtained by solving a series of puzzles. But there is no other way… and there is little time left! Better get to work now!