The Viking “Erik the Red” confessed the location of his well-hidden treasure to you. Be careful. You do not have much time to find the treasure. 

You have made a journey to the Viking Era and met Erik the Red, the Norse explorer who founded the first settlement in Greenland. You became friends with him. Erik was thrilled to know you came from the future. He bragged about hiding his treasure so well that even someone from the future could not find it. You challenged him and said you would be able to. He agreed to let you the treasure if you managed to solve everything. He was curious to know if you would be able to solve his puzzles to find his treasure and see if he protected his treasure well. To reach the treasure you must find the key to the chest. To achieve the goal, you have to overcome the obstacles, solve the enigmas and the puzzles. You do not have much time or else the timelapse will return you to present and the treasure will be forever gone.