Theft in the hotel

A very special guest stays in your hotel and will ask you for help in unmasking a hacker!

You never thought you would be on the occasion of the trip to the same hotel where the famous pharmacologist and biologist Elena Cattaneo is staying! Tomorrow, in fact, you will have a conference where you will present the results of your latest research on stem cells and the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. It is night and silence reigns in the hotel. Suddenly, a cry ! It’s just you, Elena! Someone stole his computer ! This is a very serious matter, and those who have it at the moment will have access to their data and research. Knowing that he can trust you, he asks for your help to find out who the thief is and where he hid his computer! You have to accomplish this mission within an hour, though, because it is estimated that a hacker takes this time to get into a computer’s hard drive and steal all the data it contains. Do you feel like accepting the case?