The world must know!

You're part of the team that's making a documentary together with the Jane Goodall Institute,but a group of poachers wants to stop you from showing the world what you've been able to document.

How exciting! You have been chosen to be part of the team that will collaborate with the Jane Goodall Institute to make a new documentary to raise awareness of the protection of animals and the biosphere. You have made a lot of shots, documenting how many species are inthe mid-term of extinction due to poachers! But a group of them decided to silence you and prevent the documentary from being made! He stole your cameras  and the files that contain your footage, affecting all your work! You have managed to find out where their base is, but you know that exactly in an hour they will be back again! Your goal is to find out where they put your equipment, following a series of puzzles that will lead you to their safe! There is no time to lose!