The “Venus” painting theft

A criminal art dealer has stolen Sandro Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus” painting to sell it on the black market. Your team needs to locate both the painting and the thief.

A criminal arts dealer has managed to break into the Uffizi Gallery in Venice and steal Sandro Botticelli’s “the Birth of Venus”. The cameras have caught the thief doing the act but, shortly after, he deactivated everything, leaving nothing else to lead the investigators. The police are on the scene looking for the perpetrator as well as the painting itself but they can’t seem to figure out who did it. They need someone with an Arts background to help them identify where the painting might have been taken, why and who stole it. You need to use your Arts skills and way of thinking to learn about the history of the painting and its creator which will lead you to a path of clues that will ultimately reveal the location of both the perpetrator and the painting itself. You need to hurry, the closest airport from here is 50 minutes, meaning you have 45 minutes to solve the mystery or else it will be too late to catch the thief in time before he/she hops on an airplane to anywhere!