The time traveler

Time traveler students are sent in the past and must find a way to copy faster a large amount of accumulated documentation for a Cantore of Lawyers during the 18th century. The students must be successful in the task of reducing the number of handwritten copies of the paperwork if they want to go back to their own timeline and stay alive. They must go through a set of puzzles in one hour to reach their goal.

A group of students decides to enter an unfamiliar room in the basement of their school. They do not assume that this room is a time machine, which brings them 300 years in the past. They end up in the 18th century, in a gloomy room full of scattered paper and spilled ink. It turns out that this is the office of a struggling Lawyer’s Cantore in London. Their problem is that a lot of paperwork has been accumulated and they do not have time to be efficient for their clients and their cases. They are at brink of losing all their clients. To return to their own world, the time traveling students must solve the problem with the accumulated documents for transcription (copying) in the office where they found themselves. If they fail to finish their task and return, they will lose their lives and the Cantore will ceased to exist. To solve the problem the students must resolve a group of puzzles and problems in the field of physics and chemistry and about the first copying machine. They have one hour to solve the task and find the easiest way to achieve their goal (with the invention of Georgi Nadjakov and Chester Carlson- the photocopier).