The theft of the Goddess of Love

The statue of the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, has been stolen from the Archaeological Museum by an illegal art collector. Solve the clues to find his/her identity and locate the statue on time!

The Archaeological Museum has been compromised, as hackers have managed to disable the central alarm system and illegally enter the museum at night time. They have stolen the statue of the Goddess of Love and left a mysterious note in its place. The thief has left a trail of clues and puzzles as a sign of revenge, with the sole purpose to reveal his/her identity only to those who are educated about art and are worthy in that manner. Players need to follow the clues that lead to the identity of the thief and the location of the stolen statue. The clues are based on important artwork, artistic methods, and the theory of art, especially having to do with the specific Goddess and her importance as an international cultural heritage figure.