The test of disputatio

Laura Bassi is about to defend the disputatio test in front of five Philosophy teachers. However, she is locked in her office because of a coded mechanism. Help her solve the riddles so she can get out and present her thesis.

It’s the big day! It is 27 April 1732, Laura Bassi has just received the attention of Cardinal Pospero Lambertini and she is about to take the disputatio test in front of five philosophy professors. This test consists of a discussion organised in the form of a debate in front of an audience.

Laura is one of the few women who, because of her status, can take this test. She has been preparing for this for several weeks now. With a clear head, she approaches the door of her office to get out, but damn, the door is blocked because of a coded mechanism!

The clock is ticking and the disputatio test starts in an hour! Help Laura defeat the mechanism by solving a few riddles and puzzles to help her defend her philosophy thesis.