The stolen egg

While walking on the rocks of Lyme Regis, Mary Anning discovered a dinosaur egg! But as the news spread to London, the young woman had her booty stolen. Help Mary find out who stole the dinosaur egg before it is sold to the highest bidder.

As usual, Mary Anning was quietly walking on the rocks of Lyme Rocks. Decked out in her digging gear, she began to dig into the earth, dusting off bits of loose rock. Her eyes stop, but what is it? An egg? Yes, the young woman had just discovered the remains of a dinosaur egg!

Mary quickly headed for home and asked for a call to a connoisseur who could help her identify the species of reptile. Together they distinguished the Ichthyosaur. The news spread quickly through the small town, and collectors and enthusiasts were soon knocking on the door of Mary Anning’s shop to observe and make financial offers for the egg. Mary refused.

Returning from an evening out at the British Association for the Advancement of Science, Mary discovers that the egg has been stolen! The police arrive quickly to solve the case and you are hired to help them. You must find out who stole the Ichthyosaur egg and where it is hidden. But beware, you only have an hour to spare as an anonymous auction has been announced for the egg!