The sick princess

In a modern kingdom there was a princess whom the king, her father loved very much. But the princess had a vague disease (poliomyelitis). The king gathered scientists (the students) to find a cure by exploring diverse types of herbs and medical plants. They are to solve a set of tasks to save the princess and themselves, if they fail to do so, they will be beheaded.

A king in a modern kingdom is looking for a cure of the life-threatening disease (poliomyelitis) of his daughter. The king is willing to do anything for his child, and for that reason, he is willing to sacrifice everything for her. Including all the best healers and scientists in the kingdom. To save the princess, the king sets a group of scientists (the students) to go through a series of quests and puzzles to find this cure. In the search of the remedy, the scientists must go through high mountains and deep forests and they must fight off Witches for their goal. They will have to solve a puzzle every step of the way, which consist of biology and chemistry problems, and they have one hour to do so. The scientist who first discovered its effect keeps the cure. If the scientists solve all the puzzles, they will obtain the cure and save the princess, if they fail, they will die.