The Pantheon is in danger!

A bomb is threatening the Pantheon in Paris where Marie Curie’s remains lie. Work with the Intelligence Agency to prevent this!

Someone has placed a ticking bomb within the Pantheon in Paris, where Marie Curie’s remain lie. Apart from the fact that the bomb will destroy a major part of the city, Marie Curie’s remains are still radioactive years after her death due to her experiments, which will cause a great amount of radiation to be exposed in the city of Paris and nearing cities if the explosion takes place. The French Intelligence Agency is working hard to diffuse the bomb and has recruited you to solve the physics puzzles on radioactivity in place that will deactivate the bomb on time, before the worst catastrophe happens. Your knowledge on chemical elements will also prove to be invaluable. Make sure to think fast and hard, you only have 50 minutes to save Paris and the stakes are high! Can you make it on time?