The locked wine cellar

The Limassol City Wine festival has been compromised, as a thief has stolen the wine supply and placed riddles inside the storage room to be solved in time before the thief blows up the wine cellar.

The Limassol Wine Festival (in city on the island of Cyprus known for its festivals) is approaching, in honor of the Goddess Aphrodite and God Dionysus. The preparations for the celebration were already underway and all wine barrels were prepared and stored in the cellar under the mayor’s house. However, the day before the festival, the mayor went to check that everything was okay and complete the inventory. He realized that the wine supply was nowhere to be found. He noticed a crunched-up note on the floor saying: “Welcome to the storage room. Your wine festival has been compromised. You will need to use the best chemists you have at your disposal to save the festivities you have planned. I love playing games and I hate the Wine Festival so the only way for you to get out is to solve my riddles. If you manage to do so, then you shall enjoy your wine festival forever on, uninterrupted…If not, I will blow up the cellar the moment the timer hits 0 seconds. The mayor asked us to find the strongest team who can solve the puzzles and figure out the identity of the thief and the location of the wine to prevent the wine cellar from blowing up and ruining the wine festival! You have 60 minutes to find your way in.