The forest of the terrible “TreesTriangles”

Would you have ever thought of meeting a descendant of Pythagoras? And to find yourself freeing a person from a haunted forest of “TreesTriangles”?

You are in the bus on a schooltrip, it’s almost time for dinner and you are all hungry waiting to get to your destination! Un fault, however, forces the driver to stop: he is even more desperate than you because … he has an incredible hunger! The road is practically deserted and in the area the phones do not take! A strange indication in the shape of a triangle, with a ruined and no longer legible inscription, seems to signal that, following a small crossroads, you can get somewhere… maybe a tavern, a hotel, or at least a place to find someone with a phone??? You set out confidently on that road. In fact, not far away there is an old house, but there is something strange: everything is in the shape of a triangle! The roof, the windows, the door… even the crowns of the trees around there are triangular in shape! How strange! Knock. A strange young lady opens up to you who introduces herself as Miss Pythagoras! If possible, it is even stranger than the house where he lives! Triangular glasses, necklace of triangular stones, dressed in drawn triangles! Ask for explanations and you answer that this is not a coincidence: she is an ancestor of Pythagoras! Who knows if it’s truth or not… You look at yourself looking for the driver but… it’s gone! Miss Pythagoras has only one explanation: he was kidnapped by the terrible “TreesTriangles”, probably because he tried to collect one of their inviting and precious triangle-shaped fruits! There is only one way to free it: enter the forest of “TreesTriangles” and solve the puzzles that allow you to get to the “big triangle”, the place where the driver is probably imprisoned! But you only have an hour to get out of that forest, otherwise you too will be imprisoned!