The Escape of Captain Grant

Finding places by given coordinates, using compass, navigating by stars, recognising the sounds of wild animals, listening to different languages and some more adventures tasks will help you to find long time missing Captain Grant and travel around the world (almost!)

For many adults the novel The Children of Captain Grant by Jules Verne was a Discovery Channel in a way or a travel blog full of adventures and discoveries and one of the first quests. These days the novel may seem to be too detailed and naïve to be enjoyed by younger generations. What if we cut it short, very short? You will have to perform the tasks and to go the Captain Grant’s children’s route in 60 min:

A message-actually three water-damaged messages were found in a bottle removed from the belly of a shark. Written in three different languages the messages reveal that the long-missing Captain Grant was shipwrecked and is being held hostage.  The first and the only clue from the messages will lead you to other puzzles and enigmas. You should hurry up as who knows how long the hostages are kept in distant places on a globe!