The decisive witness

A murder has been committed and the decisive witness is ... a clever parrot ! But how to make him talk ???

Miss Fox was an old and wealthy lady, who loved animals. She had many of them in her house in the countryside and treated them like children! Among them, there is also Pico, an intelligent talking parrot! He was present when someone killed her! And the butler is certain that Pico is able to speak and reveal the name of the murderer! But only Miss Fox was able to communicate with him ! In fact, she used a strange language that had been studied by the famous British writer and naturalist Helen Beatrix Potter. A copy of the precious volume where Beatrix explained how to talk to the parrots is kept in Miss Fox’s safe. She only knew the secret code to unlock it! In fact, she didn’t want anyone to find a way to talk to Pico, who kept all her most intimate secrets! To find the key that opens the safe you need to follow a path made of puzzles, all focused on science and biology, inspired by the work of Beatrix Potter on animals!