The Dark Lady

Rosalind Franklin never knew of the crucial role that her ‘Photograph 51’ had played in the discovery of the double helix. Some scientists would even want her name to disappear in history too. The famous photograph has been stolen!

The Dark Lady Rosalind Franklin left behind a dark mystery with the famous dark picture along. You have come to look at the famous photo and to try to understand the greatest scientific enigma: who really discovered DNK? You arrived to Rosalind’s lab-museum before opening hours. No one is here yet, but the door is open. You have entered an abandoned house and a dark private room of the female scientist, where the famous photograph’s frame should be on the wall. You look around and just notice, that there are a lot of papers containing studies on DNA, formulas, pictures and descriptions all in a jumble. What could have happened? Who has been here before you? What were they looking for? And where the Photograph 51? Oh no, there is only the frame! The first photograph of DNK, so dear to many scientists has disappeared. You feel you should call the police but something stops you. The sad and dark portrait of Rosalind begs you not to call… You check the clock-the room should open in an hour and then the first visitors may come and will discover the loss and you will be suspected. You have one hour to unravel the mystery and to find a photograph before.