The Aphrodite Hotel

An abandoned hotel... from which you will have to be able to get out!

What a strange invitation your friend left you to celebrate his birthday! Just an address written on a piece of paper, without any explanation! You go to the place indicated and you find yourself in front of an abandoned hotel: “The Aphrodite Hotel”… strange place for a party. But perhaps appearances are deceiving. Enter in search of the celebrated and the other guests, but silence reigns. Only little light filters through the windows, there is penumbra. There is very little left of the old hotel, only a few prints of famous works of art, statues, mosaics on the walls, all somehow connected to Aphrodite and art. By now you are almost certain that you were wrong! That cannot be the location of the party! But too late! The doors have closed! A poorly legible sign next to the door seems to signal a way to unlock the door… but there are a number of puzzles related to the paintings and artwork in the hotel to locate it! You just have to try! But beyond the party you’re missing out on, there are two other reasons that make it urgent to get out of there: the smell of closed really nauseating… and the light that soon, after sunset, will no longer seep through the windows and you will remain in total darkness! It stays exactly one hour before it’s night!