Spanish Explorers in prison

Year 1500, Spanish prison. You are unjustly imprisoned for something you did not do, but no worries, your captain, Christopher Columbus, has arranged an escape plan for you.

You are crew members of Christopher Columbus. In 1500 you were wrongfully (as a result of a conspiracy) arrested with him and deported from Haiti to Spain. Christopher, of course, was acquitted by the king and released. But has anyone thought of the rest of the crew, whose names are unknown to the king? Yes! Christopher remembers about you. At his request, the night shift of the guards hid the key to the exit from the cell in which you are. Use the guards’ lunch break (45 minutes), this is your only chance to escape. The key is well hidden so that no one finds it by accident. But, after all, you and Christopher have discovered America (even though you still think you have found your way to India), so you can definitely do it!