Shark mission

Teams of scientists have been formed and given a secret international mission: to search for hidden beacons and analyse the data they contain.

You have just received a call from your superior. You have an appointment this morning at 10 o’clock at the laboratory for scientific and aquatic studies. When you arrive, you learn that a team of scientists, including yourself, has just been assembled. This team has been put together urgently to carry out a secret international mission.

The mission you have been given consists of searching for hidden beacons and analysing the data they contain. These beacons are related to the work you have already been doing for several years on sharks. Indeed, a state affair concerns the selachimorphs and you must study the data collected to make your report.

As this mission is secret, the beacons have been scattered around the laboratory. You must first collect them.

But be careful, you only have one hour to find the beacons and the analyses because another team is already on the alert to take your place!