Searching for a star

John Herschel found a notebook of his late father. He realises that his father left him the coordinates of a hidden star. Help him solve the riddles to access the full set of coordinates and find the star in the sky.

John Herschel found one of his father’s notebooks while tidying up his desk, which had been in disarray for some time. He had never been aware of these writings and enjoyed delving into his studies and research.

As he looked through the writings, the scientist realised that at the end of his life, his father had found a new star! The two men had always shared a love of astronomy, with John often accompanying his father to assist him during his cosmological presentations.

In memory of the old man, John Herschel has decided to find the coordinates of this star, but he needs your help to do so. Herschel has left many clues as to how to find it, but you will have to help the scientist to put the pieces together.

In addition, he has announced to the Astronomy Community that he will have a big announcement to make within the hour, so time is of the essence!