Save Chernobyl!

You have been given the gift of changing historic events and you have an opportunity to prevent the Chernobyl disaster. Can you make it?

Marie Curie has been given the opportunity to travel to the future and prevent the day that the Chernobyl disaster would naturally take place. She needs a strong team with her to make this happen and she has picked you. Help her travel to the future, in 1986, to prevent one of the worst nuclear disasters ever recorded and save thousands of human and animal lives and ecosystems. To be able to travel to the future and warn them of the faults that led to the disaster, she needs your help to pass a series of physics and chemistry puzzles that will give you a code to activate the time machine. This code can only be generated if all puzzles are solved, and solved correctly. You have 50 minutes to find and use the code, or else the time frame for the time machine will expire and the time machine will disappear forever. Use your time and mind wisely!