Reclaiming technology

The Internet and connected devices were destroyed by a virus created by a terrorist group opposed to technology. People with computer knowledge disappeared. Fortunately, a computer researcher had the time to create a room that would allow novices to rediscover lost knowledge.

The year is 2500. The Internet and all connected devices have been destroyed by an electronic virus. This virus was set up by a terrorist group opposed to technology and developments in this field. Also, people with knowledge of the subject and computers in general have disappeared.

Fortunately, a computer researcher, Ada Lovelace, created a room dedicated to the field. Inside, she has added a range of information on the subject that allows even novices to understand this type of technology. Her granddaughter gives you access to this room with the mission to find out how to remove the computer virus.

But beware, the news has already reached the ears of the terrorist group that has assembled a team to prevent you from achieving your goal. You are being watched and you have one hour to find out how to remove the technological virus.