Rear window

You have seen the probable thieves of the paintings stolen from the Escher Museum and you have 1 hour left to be able to identify them!

The apartment in front of your school has been uninhabited for years. The windows are right in front of your classroom and always, looking inside the apartment, you only see cobwebs ! But today a very strange thing happened: you have seen shady people enter with a big box! They really looked like weird guys ! You asked for information to the janitor, always very curious and informed and told you that she also noticed the thing … Strange, because the apartment was neither sold nor rented ! Who were those people? And why were they there ? The friend of the janitor who lives in the building has the keys to the apartment and could make you take a look … Decide to investigate…

Already outside the door a clue seems to tell you something about foreigners:  in a fragment of a map is highlighted the address  “Lange Voorhout 74 – The Hague”  and on a corner there is a note written in pen with the indication of a flight that leaves from the airport of your city exactly in an hour.

A brief search on the internet tells you two things:

1) that that address corresponds tothe seat of a Museum… the Palace of Escher;

2) that the Police discovered a theft inside the Museum: some paintings have been replaced with really deceptive fakes!

You just have to enter and discover more! You have probably seen the thieves of the paintings of the great Escher! And you have an hour to locate them and prevent them from taking flight, informing the Police!