Prospectors of the legendary Excalibur

You are in the dungeons of the ruins of King Arthur’s headquarters. You have an hour to find the legendary sword, otherwise a strong spell will imprison you here forever while the sword is stolen and falls into the wrong hands. Watch out for medieval traps, unscramble mechanisms, complete quests, and go on an adventure to find the legendary Excalibur. The whole village is counting on you, get Excalibur and get out of here.

Flashback: Glastonbury Tor, England, year 825. You are artisans and merchants living a quiet life in one of the villages at the foot of the rumoured (according to local legend) headquarters of King Arthur.

After the death of King Arthur, it is rumoured that the castle was sealed with powerful spells in order to protect its treasures. Over decades, wealth-hungry robbers plundered part of the stronghold. Over the next decades, this place was deserted, and only piles of cobwebs and dust remained among its walls.

Present day: one day local miners accidentally discovered an abandoned shaft leading to a network of tunnels nearby what is known as Glastonbury Tor. Terrified by the discovery, the miners fled, and the news of their discovery spread rapidly around the area. Some say that something else remained in the stronghold – the legendary Excalibur, which was enchanted for centuries in a stone. But some people would like to lay their hands on the sword for nefarious reasons. You decide to try and get it and hand it over to a museum before the news spreads beyond the countryside.

You go down the shaft and hit the first warning spell: if you do not leave the castle within an hour, you will be imprisoned in it forever, and the dungeons will become your grave.  Now you understand why the miners ran away. At first you want to do the same, but then you realise that if this spell exists, then the sword must also exist. And it is very powerful. It is more important to complete your mission! The legend is your local pride, the blood of King Arthur’s descendants flows in your veins, you must find and protect your heritage before it falls into the wrong hands.