Da Vinci’s « Vitruvian Man » is being kept in your laboratory for restoration. The English Intelligence Agency has requested a thorough study of the painting and a report back to them about its specificities.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man” painting is being kept in your art laboratory for restoration and maintenance, a procedure that often takes place for invaluable art pieces. The English Intelligence Agency has identified its importance as an artefact and worthy of further investigation and attention. They have requested that a team of experts study the painting as well as Da Vinci’s notes to gather important information from it, especially regarding mathematical proportions in terms of anatomy but also regarding the painting as an artistic masterpiece of its time and of all time. You need to pay special attention to the detail and mastery of the artwork, observing specific elements that make the art piece a work of art. Your report to the Intelligence Agency needs to be as detailed as possible, therefore, make sure you have done your best to collect the right amount of information that will benefit their cause to promote Da Vinci’s artwork during the event for its 531st anniversary.