Prehistories and Jurassic fossils

Help Mary Anning discover a hidden fossil through learning about the basics of paleontology and fossils.

Mary Anning is looking for a strong team to help her find a rare fossil hidden inside a well-protected safe. The person who hid the fossil made sure to make it accessible only to those who are skilled and knowledgeable on the subject. Search the room to find the hidden puzzles pertaining to the basic theories of palaeontology and the study of fossils in the process of classification of organisms as well as their interactions with each other and the environment. The puzzles will help you collect the 5-digit code needed to unlock the safe and grant you access to this rare fossil that Mary Anning is so eager to discover! You have 50 minutes to complete the challenge as the code renews itself every 50 minutes for safety reasons and will no longer be accessible after that. Can you make it on time?