Nice Things

Art Nouveau era in Riga is all about “Beauty and Function”. For one hour you will be able to enjoy all the beautiful and functional things in a rich household in 1890. But to make some things function properly, you may need to guess first what they are for and how they work. Perform the tasks, perform the enigma and discover Art Nouveau Elegance.

When you open your fridge to get a coke and sliced turkey for a nice sandwich, you never think it could have been differently. We are so used to our gadgets and conveniences, that hardly imagine our life without them. You will have to try to live for an hour without any of them in a “modern” and rich household in 1890. The era 1890-1914 was very beautiful, creative and innovative in all spheres of life. Industrialisation brought substantial developments to the rich people’s living. “Beauty and Function” in all high-class houses in European capitals and industrial centres, such as Riga. The apartment you will “stay” is on Alberta iela (street) 12. You enter through decorated door to be just in awe of the view of the staircase which leads you “home”. Not just a stunning interior but also so pleasant to work-ideal for each step. You re given a forged but elegant key to open a wooden masterpiece-door. On the door behind you will find a list of things to perform, which will lead you to different riddles/enigmas of those times. The answers, solutions will give you the clues to find the spare key to open the door. Enjoy your living!