Newton’s Laws of Escape

Someone has locked you into the library while you were group-studying for your Physics exam. Find a way to unlock the door before you miss the exam!

You were studying with your team in the library for the Physics exam later today, when someone suddenly locked you inside and left. Thinking it’s probably a classmate messing around, you try to unlock the door or call for help, but no one is around to open. You all start to get worried because your Physics exam begins in 50 minutes and you need to ace it because you haven’t done well in all other subjects. Suddenly, you notice a note on the floor saying “What goes up must come down”. You realize that all the studying has finally paid off as you suddenly recall who said this – Isaac Newton. In order to escape the library, you realize that you need to solve the puzzles hidden inside the library room which will give you a way out and into your exam just on time. Practice your physics skills with guidance from one of the greatest scientists of all time and learn to appreciate fundamental laws of nature. After all, if you do manage to solve all puzzles, you might actually get to your exam and ace it. Let’s get physic(al)!