Montessori style Christmas or Help Me to Do It Alone!

The Santa’s sac, boxes, the tasks, solutions and a piece of a puzzle as reward. When all the boxes are open and all the puzzles are found, there will be the instructions on the jigsaw puzzle other side-how to get the key.

It is Christmas time even it is summer as Santa is here or at least he was here and left his sac full of presents to you. There is no sign of Santa and the door is locked. Then, the first thing you always do at Christmas- you open the presents. When you untie the sac, it is full of different boxes, a lot of boxes: small and big, tiny and flat, round and rectangle, plain wood and painted. All of them have a task or enigma attached to it. You can pick as many boxes as you wish, as it’s Christmas and also you decide on how much you can contribute to your team’s work. In each box there is a piece of jigsaw puzzle or two. At the bottom of the sac there are two puzzle mats! And the pieces of puzzle can be seen everywhere. When all the boxes are open and as many as possible puzzle pieces are found, it is a jigsaw puzzle time! And it is about Christmas! You will need to use two mats, think why! And hurry up, Santa may return, but you want to escape before!