Modern Art Music

The modern Art room/gallery always holds a beautiful enigma. This time a musical enigma added and to solve it you will need find the way of matching all the enigmas together to get an enigmatic word to exit the labyrinth.

You have entered the most enigmatic Art gallery and have encountered the most enigmatic Art. Everything here is a riddle, everything puzzles and takes you into its labyrinth of unknown and non-existent. While some people are totally in awe of these artworks, the others try to escape the enigma and avoid being hypnotised or taken by it too deep. You will not escape it that easily! You will be locked with it and to exit the room you will have to take the challenge. 20 Mark Rothko paintings and 6 pieces of modern music. You have to match the music with some of the paintings. You may say there are no correct answers for the Art, but this time you have to follow our rules. Search for the instructions in the room, there are plenty of them hidden not that deep, except for one, thoroughly locked. When the task is complete you will get a combination of 6 letters, which is also non-existent word (yet!?) You have 60 minutes to be in it to win it. The most important thing: keep your eyes and ears open!